Witch Haus Candle Care

Witch Haus Candle Care

We take candle care seriously & we hope you do too! Here are some friendly tips, tricks & reminders to get the most longevity & best performance out of your candles.


For brand new candles:

Trim the wick to 1/4'' & continue to do so before EACH burn. I try to cut the wick to the appropriate ready to burn length, but I always like to leave a little extra just in case. If you notice a tall flame and visible soot extinguish the candle, trim the wick at the curl and relight.

On the initial burn, make sure to let your candle have a full burn. This means letting the wax melt reaching near the edge of container creating a full melt pool. This ensures an even burn & prevents tunneling. Time varies depending on the diameter of the jar, wax, fragrance & wick.


For all candles:

-Trim the wick before each burn. The ensures a clean burn.

-Discard or reuse when less than 1/2'' wax remains at bottom of jar. The bottom of the jar can get too hot & potentially damage the surface it is on.

-Our jars & tins are accepted at most recycling centers, but you will want to check before doing so.

-We do not recommend burning your candles for more than 4 hours at a time. This will ensure a longer life for your candle. Burning in excess can cause the candle to burn at a hotter rate, consuming more fuel (wax) than necessary and you will not receive the optimal amount of burn hours intended. This can also cause carbon build up on the wick creating a “mushroom” on the end which will burn hotter and create visible soot.

-Always keep lit candles within sight and away from children and pets. Make sure to keep away from flammable objects and burn on a heat resistant surface.

-Keep your candle free of debris & foreign materials. This includes wick trimmings and matches. Leaving these in your burning candle can cause them to relight and create problems for you.


Storing your candle:

-Keep out of direct sunlight, out of extreme heat or extreme cold. All of these can affect the molecular composition of the candle’s ingredients.


Lifespan of a candle:

-The typical lifespan of a candle is approximately 12-18 months. If a candle is exposed to direct sunlight, it will perform at its best for about 2-3 months. Store with lid is possible to keep out dust.


Candles with embeds or dyed wax:

-On the initial burn you might notice a taller flame with visible soot. Because the candle is not even across due to the embed, the candle will burn unevenly until it works through the embed. If you notice soot, extinguish the candle, trim the wick at the curl and relight.

-Candles with dyed wax will bleed and fade over time. We recommend burning them within the first two months.

Wooden wick candles:

-Like any candle make sure to trim the wick. With wooden wicks, however, if the wick is too long the candle can extinguish on itself. If you notice this happening, just give the wick a little trim and relight.

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